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Author:  revser1 [ Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:55 ]
Post subject:  NEO BRAKE DISCS

Can someone verify that there are two sized brake disc, bought what was advertised as 1.6 satria neo 2007- set of front discs only to spend 2hrs stripping out the old ones (for a customer) to find the 236mm disc are to small, looks like 270mm ish size is needed but cant find any online.. cheers, bk..

Author:  se325919 [ Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: NEO BRAKE DISCS

Unfortunately you won't find Neo discs online in the UK or Europe. They are a niche vehicle with only about 750 of them imported into the UK, and we were the only country in Europe to get them. Most motor factor's databases and even some manufacturer's catalogues list them as using the same 236mm as the old Satria (1995-04) which is not right. The proper ones are 269mm but the offset is very strange. Over the years many people have tried to find equivalents from other vehicles but nothing matches. The closest you can get are the ones for a Proton Gen2 which I can supply quickly and cheaply. The diameter and the bolt holes are correct, but the offset is wrong, so the position of the caliper has to be moved to line up with the new discs. This involves putting spacers or washers on the caliper bolts to space off the caliper carrier, and also shaving some metal off to stop it rubbing on the disc. The calipers and carriers are actually the same as a Gen2, but the hub carriers are different. The Neo was engineered by Lotus and designed to be the best handling Proton ever made (and by all accounts it is). Because of the Lotus input, it uses all sorts of different parts on the running gear that are not compatible with any other model. Perhaps the different hub carriers were a way of altering the track width, which ended up shifting the calipers and the only way they could make it work was by having different brake discs made. Sadly no aftermarket company in the UK or Europe have copied them and with the small number of them on the road it is unlikely that anyone will bother. Importing from Malaysia would be an option but it would be very expensive due to the weight and would take at least 2 weeks to get them via air mail or up to 3 months by sea mail.

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